Video Doorbell v Conventional Doorbell

How do you know when there is someone at your front door? It is usually one of two things – a knock on the door or the ring of the doorbell. Wherever you live you want to know exactly when a person is at your front door, whether they are bringing you a delivery, they are a friend or family member visiting you, or if they are checking out the security as a potential burglar. These might seem to just highlight the extremes, but they are all valid, and as you evaluate your front door security you might wish to upgrade and replace your front doorbell.

It is no longer just as simple as saying that you want to buy a regular doorbell that rings when the button is pressed, or you could alternatively choose one of those novelty doorbells that plays a song for 30 seconds after the button has been pressed! As far as front door security goes, choosing a new doorbell these days also includes the consideration of smart door security and thinking about how your front door can be linked to the rest of your home security network and home security products via smart technology.

The video doorbell has improved drastically over the course of just a few short years. You can now easily install a smart video doorbell that allows you to have the perfect audio and visual data representation of what is happening just in front of your house at any given moment. Most of the video doorbells on the market now have a live video feed in HD quality, as well as the ability to see playback of precise times via a simple smartphone app. What this means in practical terms is that you could be in your back garden playing with the kids, asleep in bed at night, at your desk in work, or even abroad on a beach during a holiday, and be able to see exactly what is happening at your front door.

This is a great technological advancement for the home security industry, as it ensures that you have greater peace of mind about the safety of your home. This works whether you are at work and want to check that a delivery person has attempted to deliver (as they have stated they have), if you have elderly people, children, or vulnerable people at home and want to check that it is safe for them to answer the door before they do, or if you are just worried about a noise outside and want to see what’s happening at the front door. Not only that, but your smart doorbell is connected to the rest of the home alarm products and overall system if you have one, ensuring that all home security data is easy to analyse, in one place.

Alternatively, you could install a traditional doorbell that just rings the bell and alerts you to the front door. But you’ll never hear that when you are outside or not at home, leaving your home potentially at risk.