Things To Know Before Installing Split System Air Conditioners!

If you have decided to replace your old air conditioning units, you must consider all viable choices. Most homeowners are often confused about centralized cooling and split systems, and both have a few pros and cons. In case of centralized air conditioning, there is one unit where the air is cooled and then pumped into air ducts, and these ducts then transport the cooled air to every part of the house. On the other hand, split systems have two components called the evaporator and condensing units. In recent years, the demand for split system air conditioners has increased considerably, and in this post, we are discussing more on aspects that you must know before taking the leap.

Reviewing the pros and cons

Talk to installation services like, and they will tell you that split system air cons do have a few advantages, especially if compared to window ACs and centralized air-cooling systems. Firstly, one split system is installed for each room, which means that you can control temperature for each room as needed. If you have older parents, kids, pets or guests at home, it is easier to ensure everyone’s comfort. Unlike a centralized system, any problem with one split system air con doesn’t affect the temperature of others. Thirdly, split system ACs are considered to be energy efficient.

On the flip side, the cost of split system air cons can be higher, and you have to be extremely careful as far as installation is concerned.

Finding a reliable installation service

There are many heating & cooling services around, and you need to evaluate what they have on offer before you select one. Start by asking about their industry experience, and you can ask for client references in your area, as well. Secondly, ask them to offer an estimate for the installation work. The best companies always will send in their experts, who will come and evaluate your home, and based on the actual work to be done, they will offer an estimate, which is typically obligation free and offered for no extra charge. Make sure that the company has some warranty on the installation work, and they should be able offer assistance at least for a year after the actual job.

If you want to have precise control on room temperatures, split system air cons are a great choice. You can check all the brands and find more on the smart features before selecting one.

Author Bio – Sharon Pulbrook writes for Aspen Air. The family has been involved in the heating and cooling industry for 30+ years. She writes regularly about her industry insights on their blog.