The Different Types of Roof Lanterns

A roof lantern is an amazing and innovative solution to help maximise light in a property. It has become an attractive way to bring in plenty of light and a feeling of space and air to brand new extensions on properties, no matter the style and size of the property in question. With the right roof lantern you can create not only a space that is full of light and air, but also an architectural centre point, a design and aesthetic that draws the eye and really brings the wow factor to your property, or that of a property you are involved in the design and construction of.

There are a few different styles of roof lantern, each with its own benefits depending on the budgets involved and the style of the property that they are to be installed within. It pays off to have an understanding of the different types of roof lanterns available on the market, and to choose the roof lantern or skylight with the correct shape and dimensions to suit the specific needs of the property and project being worked on at that time. Always work with a roof lantern supplier with a history of success in the field, and a company that are experts in supply and installation of roof lanterns on all sorts of different properties and architectural styles.

A roof lantern is traditionally built into a flat roof, designed with a sense of balance and symmetry to match the proportions of the room beneath it, and to accentuate the positives of that layout with a steady stream of light. They can offer an extra sense of height and help with ventilation. Choosing the shape of the roof lantern is important therefore, as to choose the wrong shape and size could make the room look all sorts of wrong.

The rectangle roof lanterns is the classic shape, and has developed as a way to pay respect to the long, rectangular conservatories and greenhouses of the Victorian-era, which were the original inspiration of roof lanterns. It is the perfect shape to accentuate the positives of an open plan room, helping to create the perfect flow.

A square roof lantern on the other hand is perfect to sit central in the very middle of the ceiling, providing symmetry and a modern aesthetic. It is an attractive option for those looking for something a little unique, whilst bringing all of the same benefits as the traditional rectangular roof lantern. If you are looking for something larger and grander (if the space and size allows for it), an octagonal roof lantern delivers a level of luxury and opulence to proceedings. An octagonal roof lantern also delivers maximum levels of light, with streams arriving from so many different angles when compared to other shapes of roof lantern.

Always be sure to have a clear idea of the dimensions of the room you plan to add a roof lantern. With the right choice of roof lantern and skylight supplier you can be sure that you hit the right notes and deliver a grand and pleasing roof lantern that fits the aesthetic and shape of the property.